Line item stats disappear



We found that we are unable to get mobile conversion installs for some dates for some of our line items.
For example, line item id 7ybrx (campaign 7ngs8 account 18ce54fadbd) had 3814 installs for the date 2017-03-02 (Mar 2nd). when we pulled the data on that day. Today, when we try to pull it’s data for the same date, we get clicks and impressions but no installs.

The query we use:

We have a similar issue with the line items in campaign 42l3d of account 18ce549n1fc (for the dates 2017-04-01-2017-04-05)

In addition, we have an issue concerning campaign 7dsz8 of account 18ce54fp5nn for date 2017-04-08, where the cost dropped significantly (over 90% drop) from that date to today. the url we’ve been using here is:

Can you please help us understand why these major changes in the stats happen?


Thanks for the question, @ReportsSingular.

For both of the first two campaigns you provided—7ngs8 and 42l3d—the API stats match what’s shown on We’re not seeing the 3,814 installs for the first campaign.

In terms of the billing issue, we’re seeing spend on 2017-04-08, as you mentioned, and then again on 2017-04-12. However, spend is slightly higher for the latter.

In general, recall that advertisers are billed when there is a qualifying event, such as an app click or install, if that event happens within a specific attribution window.