Line item "optimization" field for WEBSITE_CLICKS + conversion pixel set



If I create a line item with the objective WEBSITE_CLICKS and I also set a primary_web_event_tag, is there any difference between setting the “optimization” field to “WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS” or leaving it to the default value of “DEFAULT”?

Thank you!


Hey @majoritasdev - if you have a look at our Ads Enumerations docs and more specifically under the Line Items (Ad Groups) section, you’ll see this with regards to setting the optimization field equal to WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS:

Optimize for “high-intent” users who exhibit key behaviors signaling a higher likelihood of a website conversion. Only available with the WEBSITE_CLICKS objective

So in short, you should set optimization to WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS if you’d like to optimize for “high-intent” users as per the quote from the docs.


Thank you @andrs! I have seen that, but I was wondering how this is different from “DEFAULT” - in this case, will it optimize for link clicks even though I have set a primary_web_event_tag? Because I was thinking if it wouldn’t, by any chance, optimize for conversions (given the presence of primary_web_event_tag), which sounds like the same thing.


Well, as long as you have an objective of WEBSITE_CLICKS then the primary purpose of what you are trying to achieve is clicks and hence that’s what the line item’s primary ‘concern’ will be, if that makes sense.

Beyond that, thinking about conversions, you’d want to use WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS rather than DEFAULT, irrespective of if you are using a primary_web_event_tag. Let’s just say using primary_web_event_tag and WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS together won’t harm you! :smile:


That makes perfect sense. Thank you for clarifying this, @andrs! :smile: