Limits on GET statuses/mentions_timeline


I was reading through the docs at and wanted to ask for some clarification on how many tweets an app can get with this endpoint.

The intro paragraph states: "This method can only return up to 800 tweets."
The documentation for the count parameter states: “Specifies the number of tweets to try and retrieve, up to a maximum of 200.”

Are these referring to the same or different things?


The meaning here is that the total possible length of the mentions timeline is 800 tweets. It may take you multiple API requests to get to that 800th tweet. Each API request to the method will allow you to specify a maximum count value of 200 tweets.

You can usually retrieve the entire length of the mentions timeline with 4 API calls.


So basicly, if I get 800 mentions and I try to get more by using "max_id=Id_Of_Tweet_800"
I won’t get any results?



Another option, if it’s not really historical data you’re after but instead “from now on, everything” – consider a streaming API.


I really need the mentions of a period that has past,
from today till (date somewhere in the past).
But I think I know how to solve the issue now :slight_smile: