Limited results from search/tweets with "from:"


About a week ago, the results for search changed. Queries had been returning the recent tweets going back as expected. Then, suddenly, there were no tweets whatsoever.

In the interim, one new tweet went up, and this is now the only tweet being returned for the above search.

Any ideas why the tweet from 11/19 is there, but nothing earlier (prior tweets are from 11/10, 10/30, 10/29, etc.)?

For the following search, we get 0 results via the API.

For this search, there are several tweets from 11/14 as well as earlier, but nothing’s returned from the API.

Note this isn’t specific to the query script… this same behavior is showing up when testing these queries via the testing console, too.

By contrast, using the “from:narrabay” or “from:X2Omedia” queries on the site brings back the tweets I’d expect.

I see recent questions on sparse query results, but those are when using the geocode filter – which isn’t being used here. At least not directly… Is there any correlation?


EDIT: Added additional user’s search results: X2Omedia


The search API is different from the search feature provided on Twitter. As you can find out here: , not all tweets are available via the API and you can only get tweets that are up to about a week old.


How do i search for old tweets, may be an year old tweet ?


Using the free public API, you can’t. However, we have paid products with this capability; take a look at

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