Limitation on POST statuses/destroy/:id



I was reading some documentation of the REST API and I wanted to find out the limitation rate of the statuses/destroy/:id endpoint. The reason is that the number is not in the doc and either in the response body of the application/rate_limit_status endpoint. I asked for the existence of a form of a call limit on Twitter, the answer is “Yes, there is”.

So, here is the question: how many calls can I do in how much time ?

Best regards.
Note: English is not my native language and I do the best I can to write correctly my question.


Read / GET operation rate limits are listed on our developer website.

Write / POST operations (update, destroy etc) are part of the user account limits, and these are documented on the support pages. These are still broken down into 15 minute windows.

We don’t document every endpoint’s limit for POSTing, as they are adapted based on system load and measures taken by our antispam systems to detect possible abuse. However, if you read to the end of the page on how rate-limiting works, you’ll find that there’s generally a 15 operations / 15 min window per user if there is any missing information.