Limitation on Line Item budget fields



When running a performance campaign we have split up the campaign into multiple line items. We give each line item a different weighting of the total campaign budget. With the daily budget on campaign level being mandatory how would this affect the split of budget we set for the line items?

Total budget = $1000, daily budget = $100, 10 day campaign
3 Line Items:
LineItemA: 60% of total budget - $600 total budget
LineItemB: 30% of total budget - $300 total budget
LineItemC: 10% of total budget - $100 total budget

The 3 line items may pace slightly different over a particular day due to different targeting. Collectively their total daily spend will hit $100 and the campaign will stop serving for that day due to the $100 daily spend limit.

Are we guaranteed that by the end of the campaign, each line item would have spent in total the proportional amount of 60%, 30% and 10% of the total budget?


If all your budget is exhausted then yes, you will have a 60%, 30%, 10% split. However, if on any given day you don’t hit your daily budget, that will mean one of your line items is lagging behind and hence you won’t get the proportions you are after.

For example, say all 9 days you hit your daily spend and on the 10th day, for whatever reason, LineItemA only uses up half of its budget. In that case, the 60%, 30%, 10% split breaks.

Does the above make sense?


Thanks Andreas, so on that day it would break - BUT due to the total lifetime budget assigned to each LineItem - would it not “catchup” the loss by the end of the campaign and ensure the full total lifetime budget is spent?


It will try to, within the constraints of what the daily and lifetime budgets are, but it’s not guaranteed - in summary, this is very unlikely to happen, but keep in mind that it might depending on circumstances.


Ok - so to conclude - why Im looking to do this is for performance campaign, where we would create multiple sets of ads targeted to different segments (which naturally I would think we group by lineitems), and shift budgets at any time (example the above proportions) to lineitems performing best. Is that the best approach or do we rather create different campaigns and shift the budgets between those?


Oh I see.

I think the way you are thinking about doing this will do the trick :thumbsup:


Great! Thanks for all the help!