Limit search widget results by date


I •had• a web page-based app that displayed field-closure/game-cancelled notifications. It was the most popular (in terms of hit rates) components of the site. That is, until the v1 API was turned off and broke the system. Now, it sits there, mute and misleading.

The site’s javascript coding, using the v1 API JSON feed, filtered all notifications not posted for the current day. This made it simple for the league’s field manager as he need only post the closure tweet (via Twitter mobile app) and never think about it again; one and done.

Using the new Twitter search widget, I •can• get similar functional capability; display tweets tagged “#CLOSED” from a given user. Good.

However, the widget continues to display these tweets, even after their implied midnight expiration. Is there any way to limit the date range that the search widget returns to just today’s tweets?

The intents are these:
• reduce confusion to league patrons so they don’t mistake obsolete cancellations for current notices;
• make the notification process as simple as possible for field-manager(s)…
• …including removing any data maintenance.