Limit of Twitter API to publish identical Tweets




What is the limit of Twitter API to publish identical Tweets that mentions a person when she follow it?

I want to know exactly what it takes to not be considered spammer by Twitter.

Thank you.


The antispam technology we have developed (aka “Botmaker”) uses machine learning and rules to determine new patterns of attack by spammers, so it is not possible for us to describe in exact detail what it takes not to be part of one of those patterns.

In general, you cannot post identical Tweets one after another (you will receive error code 187). You should not post automated replies and mentions as these can be a sign of spammy behaviour under the automation rules, especially when this is on an unsolicited basis as this is likely to annoy users.

You may be able to find a system that works for you through some trial-and-error, but there are no hard limits that I can describe for you that will answer your question.

Restricted from performing write actions

In fact, I manage a welcome message service for Twitter but at the moment it only happens via private messages.

I would like to develop my solution to public Tweets.


From experience I can tell you that if you develop an application that focuses solely on auto-responding to new followers, either via DM’s, mentions, or both, you’re likely to get automatically restricted time after time. I realize several apps do this successfully, but those apps have presumably been whitelisted to perform those actions without getting auto-flagged. Twitter cannot verify that to be true for obvious reasons, but it can be deduced.