Limit for requester IP ... Client or Server IP?


Hello, a little question about rate_limit for requests without API
… is this rate_limit (150 per hour) by Client IP or by Server IP ?


The unauthenticated rate limit is 150 per hour by remote IP address – if you’re making server-to-server calls, that remote IP address would be a server’s. If you’re making client-to-server calls, that remote IP address would be the client’s.

So the answer to your question is both :slight_smile:


Can this limit be increased for corporate networks - whereby we are using 1 IP address for many PCs? So rate_limit is exceeded very quickly.


@episod I read this but I’m confused by it, do you mean the call being made with server-side code vs. client-side code like JavaScript?


@jeremyschultz, to clarify Taylor’s point.
server-side being something coming from your servers: [php, ruby, jsp, java… etc]
client-side being something from your users’ browser: [specifically javascript]


@episod am trying to understand clearly, correct me if am wrong.

So if the request is from client browser(made by javascript - jsonp) then the limit is same (150/hour) but limit applies to the end-user ip address not the hosting server ip address ?


Correct. Client-side requests are attributed to the IP address of the client.


thanks @episod I have one more question, I saw in the documentation it states " Unauthenticated calls are measured against the public facing IP of the server or device making the request."

I don’t see anywhere the limit is measured against the client-side IP(end-user IP), can you please provide me the reference where I can look for.


The public facing IP of the “device” (the computer or network) making the request would be the client’s IP address in that context.


@episod +1 like, (the computer or network) makes context clear…


Hi, I have the same doubt as @madj2323: Can this limit be increased for corporate networks - whereby we are using 1 IP address for many PCs?



Same issue here, the API actually stopped returning results after a while. I’m using jTweetAnywhere control to display transactions users made against their portfolios. The control isn’t returning any results anymore, same for json calls made directly to twitter.

So I’m unsure of what’s going, logged a discussion and will follow up.

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