Limit for automated tweets



I am using twitter app to post tweets automatically, yesterday twitter blocked my account,
Daily i am posting around 50 automated tweets, Is there any limit range for the automated tweets?
Please help to resolve this. how to post tweets automatically in future?


You suddenly started to post 50 tweet per day from 0, right? If yes, well this is the reason. When you started to tweet 50 tweet per day from 0 tweet Twitter may filtered your account as Suspicious account and blocked it. But this is temporary, you can login to your account by verifying your authenticity and you are good to go.


I have not started suddenly, when i start the account i post daily 5 to 10 posts, last one month only i am posting around 50 tweets per day, Is there any limit for automated tweet?


I’d also like to know the actual limits here.

I only want to be a “good citizen” of the API and ensure my app isn’t blocked.


That’s the fact you know, you used to post 5-10 tweet but suddenly you started to post 50 tweets per day, so your account got suspended as it was marked as suspicious.
I also faced this kind of problem, but as time went my account don’t get suspended for that kind of suspicious activity which actually I didn’t.

I see, you might follow this link, Automation Rules | Twitter .
Hope it helps. I’ll look forward to your reply.
Best Regards.