"Likes" disappear from widget after more content is loaded



I have a simple web page that displays a twitter widget; I am able to load the page and access my timeline successfully. However, when I click the widget’s “like” button and then scroll further down the page the active status is removed from the “like” button as soon as more content is loaded. It seems that somehow the state is being lost when the widget loads more content.

You can see an example of this behavior in this fiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/ga719hoh/2/

I’ve been able to repeat this behavior in every browser I’ve tested in: modern Chrome/Safari/FF, mobile safari, mobile chrome, stock android browser (lollipop and marshmallow).

Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated; thanks!


Seems reproducible - I’ll pass along to the team to see if they have time to take a look at this. The like status of the Tweet itself is not changing, but the state of the widget seems to be reset.


An embedded timeline does not display Tweets from a logged-in user context. The active like icon is a visual state based on your interaction, not a property set on the returned Tweet based on the relationship between what might be a logged-in Twitter.com account and the Tweet.


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