Lesson for rookie web site owner


Hi everybody,

I m really desperately looking for an answer.
I m rookie web owner.
I have a web site and it’s php.

I m tired of spambots via standard register forum on my site.

Could you please how can i add twitter login on my web site.
My english is average, my webmaster info is average too.

But i can edit html/php files from my filezilla etc. I know somethings about web designing.

Thank you to all helpers.


You might want to checkout Google’s new reCAPTCHA plugin. It’s going to be a lot simpler to integrate.


Thank you Mr Abraham, but i need twitter-login too. :slight_smile:


There as a full Twitter PHP library and demo code on https://twitteroauth.com


Thank you very much, i hope i can handle it. :slight_smile:


I have no any idea what have i do this informations… :frowning:
First step : Download the latest release and unpack in a twitteroauth directory <-- i download into my HDD and upload on to my ftp index directories?