Lead Generation Card Submit URL Failed



Hi Team,

I’ve been asked by the JIRA team to submit a ticket here - When I setup my LGC card to submit data to my website i get an error
Result: Failure. Whoops! We were not able to submit card data during our test. Please check your integration by creating a Tweet with this Card, submitting a test lead, and confirming if the lead was submitted to your CRM or marketing automation system. If you are unable to successfully send lead data to your system, please double-check the data settings for this Card to ensure it is setup correctly.

the submit URL is: https://amarketingthing.com/twitter/system_lgc

I tested the connectivity of the URL and it works fine on hurl.it


Thanks for the post, @Amged. We’re actively—and with high urgency—working to determine the cause of this issue. We will update this thread as soon as we know more.


@Amged: You can find more information here. Thanks.


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