Lead Generation Card - Getting the Tweet Status ID


If a card is used in a tweet, say either some other user embeds it in their own tweet or I add a card programmatically, is their a way to get the status ID based on the json data that is sent when a user submits it? Interesting, this basic (obvious) piece of data is excluded from the posted json data. But maybe it can be derived from another API call using the card id or token that is sent? Would this need the Ad API (I dont have access to that).



Any thoughts on this? Thnx!


@THNXbot, I want to make sure I’m following correctly.

Are you trying to get Tweet IDs for all Tweets that include your Card?

Is the actual Tweet ID important or are you just trying to get some metrics around how many people are Tweeting your card?


Thnx for response :smile:

The actual tweet status IDs are important to my use case and application. I also want to see metrics with this included.


@THNXbot, thanks for the clarification. You might be able to get Tweet IDs with the Ads API, but I’m not sure. It may not be possible. It definitely cannot be accomplished with the public APIs.

Metrics can be found at analytics.twitter.com. If you have implemented the twitter:site meta tag, you can get the number of impressions your card has generated.

You could try using the search API using your URL as a query, but it only goes back 10 days and is not guaranteed for completeness.

If your business model supports it, you can look into Gnip Historical Powertrack, which is a paid product. You could get every single Tweet with specific URL or keyword.

Lastly, I would recommend using the filter stream using your card URL as a track parameter. You will get Tweet objects in real-time as they are Tweeted. This will work for you as long as your URLs account for 1% or less of all Twitter traffic.


Hey @THNXbot, I just realized you are using the Lead Gen Card and not a public Card :open_mouth: . My answers may still apply, but I would post this question in the Ads API forum, as it’s out of this forum’s expertise.


Too bad the Ads API is quite restrictive, not sure I can get access as a new project without references and clients etc, But I will try.