Lead Cards Suddenly Don't Show Anymore



We’re using lead cards to get subscriptions to our newsletters. (Note that we’re using MailChimp.) They have worked fine until today.

Now when we publish a card, it’s published as a standard tweet. We have checked the card’s configuration and the data are properly sent.

The weird thing is that the card pined on our profile is still working properly.

Any thought on what the problem can be? (Do you need something specific to check the problem?)

Thank you in advance for your help.


@jeune_afrique can you give us a specific example of one that’s exhibiting this behavior? Can you also provide a twurl command for your API call to publish the tweet in question?


Thank you for your answer. Here is an example of non functional card: https://twitter.com/jeune_afrique/status/607977918795350016.

Regarding twurl, I can’t as I use a MailChimp integration :-\


@jeune_afrique I’m unsure what you mean by that. Are you calling the API to tweet the card you created or is the tweet being created from MailChimp?


Does that answer the question?


Hello @jeune_afrique,

Yes, this makes sense. So you are creating Lead Cards through the Ads UI (ads.twitter.com). Some of the Tweets you created using the Card URLs stopped rendering the card (for example: https://cards.twitter.com/cards/1gtc8o/9wqk).

Since this inquiry is not related to our developer program, can you please file a ticket for this via the “Help” option on ads.twitter.com?

Independently, we’ll also take a look to see what we can find out for you here.


Sorry for the inconvenience. These cards should be working again now.