Large Summary Cards have changed but documentation not updated?


I’ve noticed a change to Twitter Cards, specifically the large summary card that used to display a large image (in fact, the card validator is still showing that as working for my domain (screenshot):

But, when I view the tweet on the desktop client, it has changed, see screenshot below:

Has Twitter changed the way that Large Summary Cards operate, or does anyone know what’s going on with this?



I have the exact same problem.

Card Validator Shows:

But, This Is The Actual Tweet:


+1 here… Same ‘issue’.
Staff, is this an unannounced change?


Please provide the full URL with the implemented Card and we’ll take a look. Thanks.


Hi Jon,

I can se this happening on “” and any other card with “summary_large_image” type.


Hey guys, as I suspected this is an experiment we are running. From time-to-time the product teams will run experiments and track how they do. At this time it is not a permanent change and not everyone may be seeing it. That’s all I can say at this time.

However, you can let me know here what you think of it and I’ll pass on the feedback. Just keep in mind that a user’s opinion may differ than a developer/publisher’s opinion. While a developer may always want their content as large as possible, some users may prefer images not taking up so much real-estate. This is why we run these tests.


Hi Jon,

I’m worried, because it’s a production card and it’s getting changed by an “EXPERIMENT”…?
I’m sorry but this doesn’t seems right.

As feedback, I can tell you that my image is being cropped, in a way I can’t control, and is not documented.
And reducing an image that is supposed to be bigger, just ruin all the artwork. And as you can see I can’t read what’s in the image anymore.
The layout it self is good, but NOT for large summary images, images that tell the story by it self. That’s the purpose of this kind of card, isn’t it?
In my opinion and experience, twitter users prefer self-taught images to quick tell what that tweet is about, before read or click on it. Blocking devs of making this large summary will make them to make pre-composed tweets in embedded images. Thats what I’m going to do if you guys roll this experiment as definitive.


Hi Jon,

Here is my link, it’s hosted by who have cards setup on all of their landing pages:



All the tweets in my time stream are showing in this new form. While I understand the issue with tall pictures that take up too much space, I don’t like this solution. I would like to know how many letters I have for the summary and feel the picture shouldn’t be any smaller than uploading a photo. I think it would be better to just crop tall pictures, ideally with some published guidelines so that we can predict (and ideally influence) the crop.


It looks like it is back to normal for me with my latest tweet. @joncipriano, I hope that this does not come back as a permanent change as the large summary card proves very useful for me as a photographer when trying to show of a hero image for the gallery that it is linking to.


Thanks, everyone. I’ve summarized your feedback and passed it on to the cards product team. Decisions will be large in part based on feedback like this as well analytics like click-through rates. The goal is to provide a great user experience as well as increased engagement on your published content.

Although we can’t disclose details, there are some great things in the works for Cards that you will love. Stay tuned to these forums and as always don’t hold back on feedback and recommendations.


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