Large Summary Card showing not displaying in Search Results nor Embedded Tweets


Our Twitter Cards are displaying correctly on Mobile and Desktop user streams but not in side of search results or when I embed a tweet with one of our URLs in the tweets.

Here is an example of a large summary card displaying correctly.

Here is an example of an embedded tweet not displaying the twitter card correctly.

Search results display the same way as the embedded tweet.


I have the exact same problem. The large image twitter card sometimes displays as a regular summary card in search results on my profile page and on mobile devices in the twitter app. With regards to the app, it seems to behave differently for different users/devices, ie the same tweet on two different Samsung phones used different twitter cards.

The difference between search and feed doesn’t bother me so much, but I’d like the tweets to look the same on mobile and desktop.

Tweet with correct card:


Food critics - should they be heard but not seen? Critics, anonymous:

— Digest Magazine (@digestmag) June 16, 2013


It seems to me that they have different rendering engines for cards across the different environments. It would be good to hear back though on when they plan to standardize the displays.


There is indeed some work in progress to make cards rendering more unified between search, embeds and timelines. But the same card in the same context should always render the same. Note that for embeds, you need to specify the “with media” option.


I’ve looked through the docs for embedded Tweets but can’t find what the “with media” option means. Could you point me to a description of that option and how to use it?


@froginthevalley I found a great work around for this. It requires the “with media” but you also need to make sure you have twitter:image:height and twitter:image:width meta tags set to real values. Normally these tags are only used with photo cards, but in the case of Search and Embed, it uses them to fit the twitter:image into the side of the summary card.