Large Summary Card not getting created at twitter



In order to validate twitter site we whitelisted twitter_summary_card against one of our dev subdomain (say At that time we used a twitter handle which was different from @Manutd (Manchester United Twitter Handle).

But after that we have been trying to whitelist the card at against @manutd handle, card validator page won’t even allow us to whitelist the new subdomain.

An attempt to test the page shows the following:
INFO: Page fetched successfully
WARN: No metatags found

Though it has all the required tags present in the html source:


URL Affected:

1.All the tags are present on the page.
2. ‘Summary_large_image’ and fallback go tags are present too.
3. Executed twitterbot curl and could see all the tags there too.
4. Tags are delivered from the server and not added at the client side.
5. Rest of the debug steps also yielded no result.


The most likely explanation here is that Twitter’s fetching IP addresses are being blocked. I’m seeing a 404 returned for that page from the fetcher.


Hi Andy,

Do you meant to say we should white list some of the twitter IP addresses?
Doesn’t twitter create the cards by reading the meta tags from the page source? I tried a curl using the twitterbot and was able to get all the required tags. From firewall perspective we checked and our Page URLs seem open for all.

Can you please help with more detail, stack trace, URLs you tried but couldn’t access, what exactly twitter does while fetching the required information, What IP are you using to reach us etc.?


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