Large Image Card not working, but have included all the meta tags



Hi Guys,

I have a puzzling one here; I’m running the same sever behind 2 different domains and I’m serving up basically the same content between them.

First URL works in FB/Twitter:

second URL doesn’t

You can see because there is no generated preview, however if you curl the content from both sites, it’s almost exactly the same. The meta tags are all the same, only the content is different.

I’ve diff’d the responses after using wget and I can’t see any reason why the Twitter would fail to extract the data.

When I use the card previewer it says:

ERROR: Failed to fetch page due to: HttpConnectionTimeout

which doesn’t tell me anything because clicking on the URL I can navigate to the site perfectly fine.

Any tips or things to look at would be greatly appreciated its driving me nuts.

Cheers, Jason.


I’m not able to access your URL via curl or via a browser. Have tried from a couple of different IP addresses.


Thanks @andypiper yes you’re right, that seems to be the problem, we inadvertently had IP blocking turned on w.r.t the VPN that the 2nd server was behind.

Accessing the site on my mobile or at home later that night twigged me onto it!


Cool, good to know you figured it out!


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