Large drop in streaming API tweet volume


We’ve just seen a very large drop in the volume of tweets coming across all streaming API endpoints. For instance the sample API has gone from around 90 tweets per second to 20 tweets per second. The same sort of thing can be seen on keyword and user follow streams.

Our logs show this appears to have started at about 2015-01-06 00:50 UTC (35minutes prior to this post). I have tested this from 3 different locations as well with the same results (US, DE and AU), and with different credentials.



Streaming API only showing DM, not tweets

Seems related to this issue :

Lots of people tweeting @support with issues too :

And a big spike in reports here :


We are looking into this issue right now.


Hi Pi,

Thanks for the update. The main status page indicates the problem reported there was fully resolved over an hour ago now ( Is there any update for the streaming APIs?

Also while the Search API seem to have been affected initially also, it started working again within about 30 mins for a few hours, but has dropped off again within the last hour with very few results.

Thanks again,



Hi guys,

The streaming API is still having issues. I’m getting rate limiting messages constantly and the volume dropped tremendously for a number of hours. As with John, tested from more than one location. Please advise on when the issues might be cleared up.




I have a streaming API script for twitter that pulls tweets and has been working well. Couple of weeks ago it stopped pulling in data. So we had to reboot the EC2 server and restart it. Now the problem is we can connect to the API but after couple of tweets we get disconnected. Something odd is going on here. In the last six months every couple of months the connection/ streaming would stop but one could restart the script and API would work fine. But the current issue seems serious. Please keeps us posted.



Is there any update on this, we noticed there was a massive drop in the firehose API with keywords at roughly the same time. This shortly followed an outage on twitter where the response said “Please try again later”. We are definitely seeing a fraction of the 1% we used to see through this API.

Would be great to have an idea of when this might be resolved



Is there an update to when the streaming API limits maybe resolved by twitter. Thanks