I want to know twitter supports 6 languages or 17 languages


Twitter currently supports 17 languages and will likely support more languages in the future. See for information on our Translators program.


Thanks for your message.
So twitter button currently also supports 17 languages ? for example:
The button in the this page.
Please tell me as soon as possible.


Thanks for your message, so twitter button currently also supports 17 languages?
Please tell me ASAP. Thanks


The buttons now support the full set of languages seen on your profile settings page. The Button configuration tool at currently doesn’t list all of them, but you can either enter your own language code in the lang="" attribute of the code, or leave it empty and the button will now inherit the language of the page (so long as the page also declares an HTML lang attribute on a parent element somewhere.)


Thank you very much.


But I saw only 12 languages in the page,
and 17 languages on my profile settings page.
Could you kindly tell me why?

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