Lack of IPv6 support


I would like to embed Twitter with my websites since its popular but I am very hesitant & considering alternatives since it doesn’t have support for IPv6 and just supports legacy IP addressing. Are there any immediate plans to enable this for the public-facing webservers or is it even on a roadmap or just “soon” as in some year? Thanks.


The domain responsible for loading widgets.js on your webpage is CNAME mapped to CDN providers including Fastly.

Your IPv6 concerns for requests served by Fastly may be better addressed by contacting Fastly.

If you are more specific with your domains, nameservers, or other components and your testing we may be able to point you in the right direction or better answer questions.


Thanks for the quick response.

Well one site could have a Tweet button & another may embed specific Tweets (instead of having them Tweet about the site/page if they feel like going out of the way to do it or linking to each Tweet & browsing away).

Now the Tweet button both links to & the JS widget at and I understand now that I see the CDN’s website with a public page about their IPv6 status but I couldn’t find anything for the main Twitter domain specifically so I asked here.

Embedding (as you know) would need to use (and possibly others) which is not hosted elsewhere.

So could you answer about,, etc. or should I assume that dates haven’t been set (or able to be announced) & I should plan without IPv6 support?


Tweet or follow button widgets included on your page as an iframe are loaded from the FQDN.