Labels on the "Follow" and "Tweet" buttons in a website


I have an italian website, a static XHTML + CSS website with just a little JS on it.
I’m new to Twitter, I’m now trying to add the “Follow” and “Tweet” buttons in my homepage
(and possibly in other pages, too).
My question is, how would it be possible to get a Follow button labeled “Follow”
(instead of the italian “Segui”),
and how to get a Tweet button labeled, say, “Tweet out this site” (rather than just “Tweet”).
Thanks and bye.


Any suggestions?


The Follow Button and Tweet Buttons try to automatically determine language, but you can force the language to English by using the data-lang parameter set to “en” (for English).

The Tweet Button offers some text customization options, but you probably won’t be able to get it to say “Tweet out this site.” See [node:120] for some details on the customizations available.


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