Keeping the user connected?


Hi All… if there is anyone actually on here.

Once I’ve got the user connected using:


is there anyway to keep them connected. If the browser is restarted and the page loaded again, T.isConnected = false, so they need to click the Connect button again. This is really annoying. Can’t it work like Facebook’s JS API where the user decides when to log out?
Surely once the user has Auth’ed your app, it should stay auth’ed until the user revokes it?



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The @Anywhere framework only persists auth for a short period of time – the user will need to re-connect as you’ve noticed after some time has passed. If you want to maintain a persistent relationship with your user, you should use server-to-server REST and OAuth instead.


Thanks @episod, will do that.
I was hoping @anywhere was nice like Facebook JS API, but that pretty much sucks. From a user’s perspective, I’d hate having to click connect on the site, then connect on the twitter’s popup then do whatever I want to do on twitter. Facebook is much more streamline and user friendly (and developer friendly) - I guess there must be some security risk not getting the user to click a bunch of times to do a simple task.


Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, you may find that [node:183] better serves your goals than @Anywhere does. By relying on the end-user’s session, it removes much of the authentication friction present with the @Anywhere model.