Keep the result of a filtered Stream in sync with Twitter ( => TOS)



We are working on an application that creates pictures based on the geo location inside of the tweets. The final goal is to find interesting areas (Hot spots) inside of a town.

I am getting interesting data from a stream with a geo filter.
But the filtered stream isn’t providing us with any Tweet delete information.

This leads us to a problem with the TOS, because we have to keep locally stored data in sync with Twitter. ( => Developer Police: 3 b i )

The sample stream on the other side provides us with all
the delete details, but the percentage of interesting Geo data is very low.

I measured both ways for 10 min and counted the different events.

Data after 10 min with the sample Stream:

AmountJsonObjectReceived: 42650
AmountJsonObjectReceivedWithGeo: 182 0,4%
AmountLimitReached: 0
AmountTweetDeleted: 11655
AmountTweetLocationInfoRemoved: 0

Data after 10 min with a filtered Stream

Filter: -180°,-90° … +180°,+90° (whole World)
AmountJsonObjectReceived: 31121
AmountJsonObjectReceivedWithGeo:7475 24%
AmountLimitReached: 2383
AmountTweetDeleted: 0 !!!

Is there a way to use the filtered stream and keep my local data in sync with Twitter, so I don’t get into problems with the TOS?

Did Twitter stop sending delete notifications in the streaming API?

Wow. the # deletes you get from sample stream are amazing. In collections I’ve done the delete rate is a very low percent of the collection.

But as we are discussing in another thread, this seems to be broken for the Streaming API in general, not just for location tweets.

Thanks for the reply.