Just made a twitter app how do I allow in on my other accounts?


I just made a twitter “App” its not an actual app yet but I got the acess token and consumer key etc. How do I allow this app on my other twitter account? It is already allowed on the account I made it on of course.


You’ll need to implement OAuth and negotiate an access token while logged in as the other account. Take a look at the OAuth documentation on this site for more information.


Where can I find the certain link I need to use while logged in onto that account? Also thanks for the quick reply I see you replying to everyone!


It’s a bit more difficult than just finding our building a certain link – it’s a back and forth process involving server-to-server requests, then sending the user to a time-sensitive URL, then performing another server-to-server request to finish the job. See [node:114] for more information – you’ll likely want to use a library.


Okay thanks so much for the answer. Do you have an email/twitter/skype I could contact you on with some other questions? Well of course you have a twitter lol.