Just getting started looking for some guidance



Im looking to develop and application that will search all tweets of a particular string to provide reports on numbers of mentions. I have very limited experience with programming I have a degree and a a masters with various languagues but its been years since Ive put any of them to use. Anyway what Im looking for is some kind people to point me in the direction of some resources that will fill in a lot of the gaps for me.

My aim is to create an application that will seach on a particular string and be able to generate reports on how many times that string was tweeted. So for example if there was a film launch on a particular day I would track how ofter that film was tweeted about during a specified time frame. From looking at the twitter documentation Im trying to decide which is more appropriate for my needs. Would I need to use the Streaming API or the Search API. The Search API isnt guranteed to be a complete list of tweets and Im not sure what data would be returned in the Streaming API so would it have geo tagging and the same kind of data as the search results.The search one would obviously be a little easier as I could take a dump of the json results and insert them into a database after each event whereas I would need to ensure that my application was online the entire time if I had to use streaming which would add more complexity to the setup

Anyway can anyone point me in the right direction for some learning resources for the best way to create an application that will pull that kind of info from twitter so I can stick it in a DB. Once its in there Im ok and Ill be able to figure that the rest.