Json schema


Hello, Is there a way I can get the schema behind the JSON that Twitter api returns e.g.- If noOfTweets is Integer then i also get that datatype back somehow? something like .xsd information. #json #schema #rest-api #response #xsd


We do not publish a schema for the JSON objects, you’ll need to look at the developer documentation example formats to understand the fields that are returned.


Why do you not provide a JSON schema? It is human-readable but more importantly also machine-readable.

Your IDE may warn you of errors when you are trying to access a key that does not exist according to the schema. It also makes writing code easier since your IDE has a dropdown-autocomplete-menu of variables that might be available.

Also an experienced programmer has a much easier time reading a JSON schema than reading through the docs determining if a key is optional or not.

It also makes writing tests easier. I can see many advantages and no disadvantage in publishing the schemas for the JSON objects.


Thank you for letting us know this, @T1nn3r. I appreciate your feedback and will bring this up with the team.

Thanks again, Hamza