Jquery/Javascript Tweet by onClick Event with callback


Hey guys,

i wanna do a share mehtode that let me share some specific content with an image in the tweet dialog and that it tweets it by clicking on maybe a button.
At the moment I clicked on a button, jqery loads content in the tweet so I just have to click on tweet, after a callback say my jquery I´ve posted if not, not.

thanks at all
kdr Marvin Heilemann


You can use the Twitter share buttons for this. Attaching images is not supported, you should use Twitter Cards for your Website and just include a link to it, in the Tweet text.
The Twitter card will display the image related to your website.


Yeah thats right, but i didnt want to use meta or smth in html just pure jQuery


That’s not possible.


Can i use pseudo items or smth… maybe loading the meta instantly and post directly ?


No, Twitter Cards require the meta tags.


Okey… they should update this like facebook. They have a jquery implement…
but thank u for this !