Job has been processing for almost 24 hours



The following job has been running since yesterday:
job_id = 856520268306677764
created_at = 2017-04-24T14:48:39Z

Can this please be checked out? Thanks!



There are no signs of congestion in the processing pipeline on our end. Is the status still showing “PROCESSING”? If so, you might want to try cancelling the job and retrying again.


@yuvaldevsf This should not be the case ideally as Queries taking over 60 minutes to process with automatically time out as per the documentation.


Hey @subhashdeshmuk

You’re correct, these jobs should automatically time out within 60 minutes, however we’ve noticed that sometimes this doesn’t happen. For these scenarios, we introduced a DELETE stats/jobs endpoint, that you can use to free up some bandwidth on your concurrent job limit.



The job is still listed as processing. I worked around this for now by creating a new job for the query. In the future I’ll make use of the DELETE stats/jobs endpoint. Thanks!