JM Twitter Cards,image fallback validated, but no cards and no detection of other posts


My sites just being established so I’m more or less just testing out features. I simply want to push content to a twitter account and the cards seem like the best option.

I’ve tried Jetback, Jm Twitter Cards, and also have SEO plugins installed. My account is linked through jetpack to my twitter. I honestly don’t care which system I use, but I’m no coder and everything I’ve done has failed so far. I’ve attempted adding the codes and using the various plugins and I’ve yet to see anything remotely resembling a card on my twitter. I’m able to send content but I only get a text link.

With JM Twitter I do get validated and white listed where the other methods I haven’t been. I think only because of the fallback image it connects to. I assume my posts do not have something they need to be recognized. The validation does not seem to recognize any test post I’ve made with various settings. I have the settings for the robots on but I’ve read some articles saying the file may need to be moved. Whether thats it or not I have no clue, I have fatcow for a hosting service if anyone’s aware of any restrictions. And the wordpress is here.

All of these accounts, even my wordpress are more or less for testing before I implement it, so it’s no loss if I have to start over with something, even reinstall it all.

Any help would be appreciated.


This is working fine for me, I Tweeted out your link and see a photo card in the Tweet details view as expected.


I’m still not having any luck. Possibly there’s another way to tweet cards that I’m not understanding? Here at the posts look like a standard post with a link. I’m not able to view it as a card, I can only view it if I click to expand and reveal the image myself. And the image it posts is the fall back image of a twitter logo, not the actual image I’m attempting to send. Possibly it can not be auto-posted but have to be manually tweeted? I’m curious how you were able to by the way? Is there some other setting at twitter instead that I need to adjust for it to appear on my time line? My wordpress and twitter seem to be working together, just not exactly as they should be.

Thanks for the help.


Correct - the card will show when you click the Tweet detail link. That’s how it works.

If you change the image your card links to, bear in mind it will take up to 7 days to be detected per our troubleshooting docs.


I see, that doesn’t make twitter cards have much use to me then. Is there another way to send an image from wordpress thats auto expanded or will it always be just a link unless I post from twitter itself?


A Tweet with an image attached would be expanded in the timeline; and a Tweet containing a card that is promoted or driven through the dashboard would also appear expanded.