Javascript problem with Twitter button + Twitter widget on the same page



I have a Wordpress website and my posts pages are using a Twitter button to share the article (code from Twitter developers), but this page is also showing a Twitter widget.
This widget is named “Journal Crunch Twitter Widget” and is integrated to my WP theme. It shows my last tweets on my website.

The problem is, when i have the 2 Twitter elements on a page, the javascript menu of Wordpress doesn’t work anymore, and the javascript error message I have is :
“TypeError: twttr.anywhere is not a function

This error seems to come from the file “jquery.jtweets-1.2.1.js” which belongs to the Twitter Widget.

I don’t know how to use both of them without having my menu to bug.

Thank you.


Is there anyone here ?



Based on the error you’re seeing it looks like your WordPress plugin is using the deprecated @anywhere framework. This JavaScript is no-longer available.

For alternatives: You can can get Tweet Buttons from, and timelines from




Thank you for your answer.
I’ve finally changed my widget and I’ve added the code from the official Twitter website, it works perfectly !



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