Javascript not loading on our Landing Page on all traffic from TAP


We are a publisher and use Twitter and TAP to acquire new readers for our content on Everything works well for all traffic that is acquired through the twitter itself but for all traffic that we get from the TAP (MoPub applications partners) we are not able to run any Javascript there. After digging we realized that all of that traffic comes from Android Webview and android website is not allowing our DFP tags to load or even our internal Javascript tracking pixel to fire a request. We can’t even see that traffic in our website logs.

We want to spend upto 1M USD on twitter on monthly basis and our ROI on this comes through the ads we load along with the content. Everything is set except the Android Webview not letting our ads to load there.

One of the two things need to happen:

  1. Ads start to load in the Android Webview
  2. When someone visits our website through TAP (MoPub Applications) our website can open in the normal browser instead of webview so that everything can load normally.

Please help us how we can achieve the same.



To accomplish #2 please check the documentation here: