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İ would like to ask you to how i get twitter accounts tweets what i want from JAVA.Some accounts accept to get all tweet like Sony,Bbc,Cnn (mostly biggest companies) . But some of Twitter account not accept it to get their timeline.İs it any privacy or security permission? i attach a picture to show you how i get sony twitter accounts tweets from JAVA.I want to get all accounts tweet like this.What is the problem ? what i have to do ?



Are the accounts you are trying to search for public, or private? Can you provide examples of the calls that fail, and the errors you are seeing? Thanks.


Thank you for reply.For example i tried to get kobebryants tweet but there is show nothing.But i can get the jacks tweet .I attach a 2 picture you can see the diffrence.Some accounts accept,some accounts are not.


That user has not Tweeted since Dec 30. The API provides access to timeline data going back over a limited period, so I’d speculate that is why you’re seeing this specific behaviour here.



i found the problem.I wrote a get name in statuses section.Thats why only special twitter names (cnn,sony exc…) can show in java.When I tried with a get screenname code,problem is solved.

Thank you for help.