Java SDK that supports CONVERSION_TAGS



I’m using this library:, but it doesn’t seem to support segmentation by: “CONVERSION_TAGS” ( Does anyone know a Java sdk that supports it? Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hi Camilla,

Did you try passing in TwitterSegmentationType.CONVERSION_TAGS to getMetricGroups() in If that doesn’t work, I think we should simply update this SDK to support this functionality!



No, I couldn’t find the value: CONVERSION_TAGS in: TwitterSegmentationType

I’m on version 1.0.

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Does Twitter maintain this SDK? Isn’t open source? Can you guys update it or should I do it?

Thank you very much, :smiley:


We are doing best to rally support around it, but behavior being there or missing depends upon whether original authors (Sprinklr) had implemented that functionality. I think I heard the Java SDK’s support for segmentation was being re-worked so could you please try pinging the github issue you filed again? Even if it’s not to fix this issue I’m sure they would love to see people from community making pull requests.