I've created a free Bootstrap GUI mockup toolkit


Following the popular wisdom of “mock it up, or f’it up”, I’ve designed a Bootstrap GUI toolkit for Keynote, PowerPoint, and OpenOffice.

If you know how to use any of these presentation tools, you can create a prototype by simply copying and pasting the GUI components from the toolkit into your slides to create the app screens, then create hyperlinks between screens to make it interactive.

All the GUI components are vector shapes designed in Keynote, PPT, and OO (they aren’t images), so you can customize them and edit them without needing Photoshop or other design tools.

The toolkit can be downloaded at http://keynotopia.com/bootstrap/

Feel free to share with your friends and followers.

Happy Bootstrapping :slight_smile:


That is great @amirkhella, just thought I’d add to that, I’ve created a fully editable PSD of Bootstrap v2.0 to be used by designers to help create new skins for bootstrap.

Download it for FREE here http://bit.ly/Hnm6mz
And don’t forget to share it and tweet me if you have any comments / additions that you might needed.

Happy Bootstrap skinning :wink:


great. additionally, an indesign-doc would be great :slight_smile:


Hello! And here you can find ready to use html wireframes and example pages http://www.bootstraptor.com