It's starting to feel like The Wizard of Oz


We apply for a player card, it gets rejected for reasons that we can’t understand. So we ask what’s wrong and after a few attempts we get told the media doesn’t load securely and they don’t like the player button. So we fix that and design a new player button. We resubmit and without any email saying why it gets rejected. Now I happened to see today before we were rejected what looked like the card working and on the phone it looked fine, also looked okay on the web. But now we have NO idea what isn’t right so we can’t fix it. It’s feeling like the Wizard of Oz … what do we need to do to get this finally approved? If anyone from Twitter is reading these, please at least give us the next clue. @rchoi was the person who said it didn’t load securely…ok so what’s the next thing we need to fix? The URL we used for validation was and I took screen shots of the card working today before it was marked not approved if you want them… Any help will be appreciated.


In the same boat. Our cards are rejected (via the validator no less) even though markup is correct. Random errors. Struggling to get help from official channels.

I love Twitter but our app right now is focusing solely on Facebook integration. OG integration worked the first time and took a fraction of the time we’ve spent trying to get Twitter cards to work.


The fact that there is no apparent way to get help - I even tried to prevail on the advertising people to help because we spend a lot of money there, but they had no idea who to send me to and they shrugged their collective shoulders and wished us good luck. We’d dramatically up our spending if our media could play inline but not even sure that matters to them. Also there’s no real simulator to test your media in - how exactly can you test it on all the platforms when there’s no test bed?


Does anyone read these posts? We’ve done all that we can do without help. Validator, check. Fix secure loading, check. Rework player button, check. But still something isn’t right and without any help we’re stuck.


Thanks for reaching out and apologies for any delay/confusion. We’ve sent an email outlining the issues that are preventing your player card from being whitelisted on Feb 13 (Ticket number 16783155) – I’ll go ahead and send this again. Please be sure to check your spam filters and let me know if you need any further clarification.


I’ll have a look when I get it. Thanks :slight_smile:


@darmeyer I haven’t gotten any email - checked spam, trash etc.


@darmeyer can you resend the email? Anxious to get the issues corrected and back into approval. Hopefully it will be self explanatory.


@darmeyer - I think we found the issue. Checked SSL across all the platforms via sslshopper and so we have resubmitted this URL for approval:

Thanks for your help and we look forward to getting our card running!


Same for us. Player card was rejected twice with no reason provided. Can anyone from Twitter provide us with steps to do?

Out sample page is
And the direct player link is


@darmeyer can you provide any response please?


@shuttersong Your submission was not approved because of active mixed content on Android. ( Once this issue has been resolved, please resubmit your Player Card to our validator ( and one of our team members will review it for compliance. If you continue to experience issues feel free to log a ticket at


Hi @ilyashuma, Your submission was not approved because the video does not play on mobile devices. The experience must work within all Twitter clients including,, Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android ( Once these issues have been resolved, please resubmit your Player Card to our validator (