It's possible to create an app that show accounts which tweet a hashtag to follow them?


Hi there,

Certain people create hashtags in order to identify each other and follow them. I would like to know if I can create an app that show accounts which tweet a hashtag recently and allow users to follow them (with a button, not automatically).

Of course I know is technically possible …I need to know ¿It break the rules?

Thanks in advance for your help


As long as your app requires a user action for each follow then it doesn’t break any rule I know about. If you were automatically following users, or bulk-following (single user action resulting in multiple follows) it’d be a problem.


Hi @isaach and @SigueChavistas!

I’ve created and app exactly like this, however, Twitter did suspend my account and restricted app for performing write action. My app allowed users to follow no more than 100 accounts per day and 25 per hour.

Twitter NEVER told me what was wrong, unfortunately…


According to the other thread, your app was also DMing users and encouraging multiple follows. We do not support this kind of behaviour. Technically you can create this kind of app but bulk-following that you describe is not valid.

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