It's not loading data with the new method from tutorials



I have twitter 2.0.2 version, and seems is not working with the new method that you have on your tutorials.
For example, with the first below code , it works without a problem, but with the second code it’s not loading data, it just a spinning wheel with tableview’s separate lines.

import UIKit import TwitterKit

class UserTimelineViewController: TWTRTimelineViewController { override func viewDidLoad() { super.viewDidLoad() let client = TWTRAPIClient() self.dataSource = TWTRUserTimelineDataSource(screenName: "fabric", APIClient: client) }

import UIKit import TwitterKit

class UserTimelineViewController: TWTRTimelineViewController { convenience init() { let client = TWTRAPIClient() let dataSource = TWTRUserTimelineDataSource(screenName: "fabric", APIClient: client) self.init(dataSource: dataSource) } }


@JEK_ZZ Thanks for reaching out on this - can you please share the console output when data is not loading?


There is no error on console, it runs without a problem but data not load , here is a screenshot below


Sorry I wasn’t clear, I wasn’t looking specifically for errors, just the raw console output.


Mine does the same with the new method but with the old method it crashes when i run and build on device but on simulator it works fine. Here is the crash report: *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInvalidArgumentException’, reason: ‘*** setObjectForKey: object cannot be nil (key: urls)’

And the Crashlytics report gave back this information, if it helps : -[TWTRJSONValidator pruneDictionary:]


@Karabo_PNE Can you share more info about the exception that you hit and what code you’re using?


Here are the images of my project when the error occurs, weirdly this only occurs when I run it on my iPhone 4s iOS 8.4.1. Attachedalso is a snapshot of the Crashlytics report