It's been over a month, why has my account not been verified yet?



I setup a Twitter developer account for a client just over a month ago and have still not received verification of the account. I know that it said it could take 10-30 days, but it’s been longer than that.

Account name: @wloomilitaria


Hi @SDavies - we sent you an email asking for more information on 1/10/2019. You will have to respond to this email in order for your application to be processed. If you can’t find the email in your main Inbox, I suggest you check your Junk and Spam folders.


I’m aware of the email and this was opened when received, but all I get once I’ve clicked the link is a page saying ‘Application Under Review’. I haven’t been asked for any further information, is it possible to get this resolved?


Can you please confirm that your application is linked to the Twitter account @SDavies?

We may be talking about two different emails. The email I’m talking about asks you a list of questions that you need to respond to directly in order for your application to be reviewed.

I am going to ask the team to send you this email again. Please keep an eye out for it over the next couple of days and respond to these questions.


In my original post I have said that the account is @wloomilitaria. I have checked with the client and they haven’t received any email, could this be resent ASAP. Thank you


I have asked the team to re-send the email that was originally sent on 1/10/2019. Please make sure to monitor the Junk and Spam folders, as well as the main Inbox of the email address linked to the application over the next few days. You will have to respond to this email in order for your application to be processed.


Okay, Thank you. I will let you know if we encounter any more problems.


We’ve received the email and answered the questions for our client, I have replied to the email from my email and not the clients, but have only received a auto reply, which tells me that nothing is going to come from it.

Is there any other way around this?

Many thanks,


Unfortunately not. You will have to respond from the email address that this email was sent to (presumably your client’s email address) by simply selecting the Reply button.