Issues with Twitter Mention Timeline


The following post was not getting returned by for the account The post contains a mention to this account.

However, when a reply was made to this post, the post then got returned by the same mention_timeline for the same account thereby causing a delay of around a day.

Can someone guide me why is this happening?


What Tweet ID are you referring to?


Hi @andypiper This is the tweet I am talking about.


Hi @andypiper Here are some more examples wherein the similar issue is faced.



Can you please guide me why is this happening?


I’m not sure I fully understand the issue that is being described here.

Are you saying that when authenticated as the mentioned user, and calling /1.1/statuses/mentions_timeline.json, the specified Tweets do not show up?

This is difficult to debug as I don’t have user tokens for those accounts obviously, and some of them are now older Tweets that I would not expect to see in the response now.

I could speculate that this is a data center synchronisation and consistency issue, without understanding more about what you’re describing.