Issues with Running Follower Campaigns via Ads API



We’ve run into a bit of an issue lately with follower campaigns that I’m hoping that the Twitter Staff can help with.

The issue is documented extensively here.

Essentially, the problem is that when created via the API, these campaigns aren’t spending, but once they’re touched on Twitter they are. Can you please let us know what steps we should take to rectify this? Any information or guidance at all would be a great help.


Hi @msbukkuri - looks like we may be having the same issue: Pushing an ad through the API - doesn't start until I manually save through the UI?

I noticed that with mine, I did not even have to edit the bid amount / anything else. Simply load the Edit Campaign page, and click Save and Exit, and it would start spreading impressions.

Hope someone can shed some light on this one! My process for creation is in the link above - would love to know if I"m missing something.


@msbukkuri : were you ever able to resolve this? It’s still stumping me.


Hi @phil_renaud, we have not been able to resolve this as well. Just awaiting Twitter’s response on how to resolve this. I did see that some followers campaigns that I created through the Ads API started a few days afterward after I had left them alone. I’m not entirely sure if this is useful information and I don’t have any examples to back this up.

Anyways, I hope that helps, we are still awaiting Twitter Staff’s assistance on this.