Issues with Reach and Frequency Cap



This is slightly related to this issue: frequency_cap problem

We have accounts such as (account id: 4nuic) that we have access to set duration_in_days and frequency_cap in the Twitter UI. We would like to implement this feature and test it before attempting to set it on this account.

So we are using the sandbox API to test this feature.
We tried to set the duration_in_days and frequency cap on the campaign endpoint for a campaign, and received:


twurl -H "" "/1/accounts/gq10xk/campaigns" -d "name=RF Campaign 2" -d "start_time=2016-06-06T23:47:59Z" -d "daily_budget_amount_local_micro=15380000" -d "total_budget_amount_local_micro=123000000" -d "paused=true" -d "standard_delivery=true" -d "funding_instrument_id=hxi1e" -d "duration_in_days=7" -d "frequency_cap=7" -t | json-prettify


      "errors": [
          "code": "INVALID",
          "message": "Saving value to field duration_in_days, frequency_cap requires account feature: REACH_FREQUENCY_CAP",
          "attribute": "duration_in_days, frequency_cap"
      "request": {
        "params": {
          "name": "RF Campaign 2",
          "start_time": "2016-06-06T23:47:59Z",
          "daily_budget_amount_local_micro": 15380000,
          "funding_instrument_id": "hxi1e",
          "duration_in_days": 7,
          "standard_delivery": true,
          "total_budget_amount_local_micro": 123000000,
          "paused": true,
          "account_id": "gq10xk",
          "frequency_cap": 7

So we tried to add the feature to our sandbox account:
twurl -H "" "/1/accounts/gq10xk/features" -d "feature_keys=REACH_FREQUENCY_CAP" -t | json-prettify



Notice how the feature doesn’t return REACH_FREQUENCY_CAP in this list.

Can you please help us understand how to test this feature and set it up? We have accounts where it is available in the Twitter UI, but even these accounts don’t have a REACH_FREQUENCY_CAP feature permission.

Please advise.


@JBabichJapan @hwz Any comments on this?


This is just an idea to try to unblock you but could you try REACH_AND_FREQUENCY_ANALYTICS and see if it allows the campaign to be created?

The worst case is that sandbox wouldn’t support testing this feature without some changes, it will require some investigation to figure out if that’s what is going on. I would recommend creating a production test account that you can request features like this be added to, for cases like this.




If you noticed, in our Twurl - the REACH_FREQUENCY_ANALYTICS feature already exists when we attempted to add this.

The response was still shown above “Saving value to field duration_in_days, frequency_cap requires account feature: REACH_FREQUENCY_CAP.”

@JBabichJapan Can you please follow up? Thanks!


@JBabichJapan I will also follow up in terms of setting up a production test account.


@JBabichJapan Thank you very much for the advice. It looks like campaigns that have the feature REACH_AND_FREQUENCY_ANALYTICS are able to both set frequency_cap and duration in days on this endpoint:

In addition to this, the feature allows to pull analytics for reach and frequency for campaigns or funding instruments at a time at these endpoints:

Let me know if I’ve missed something. I feel that it would be good to have this type of description for each of the feature permissions, so that it is clear what each permission allows us to do, and we can build software around that specifically.


That’s good feedback about the account features, I will see if we can make some improvements to how those are documented and right now they probably need some cleanup (i.e. AGE_TARGETING probably doesn’t need to be there now)


I disagree. Age Targeting is still a feature that needs to be enabled on a new account. Until requested recently, we didn’t get access to it on one of our own advertiser accounts.