Issues with Mobile Deep Linking


I’ve added all the metatags to enable mobile-app deep linking for Serendip (iPhone/iPad only).
Here’s an exemplary link -

When I open it within the iOS Twitter App, I can see it identifies the Serendip app.
However, the link I get at the bottom is “Get the Serendip app” although I have the Serendip app installed.

So on one hand, it does identifies the affiliation of the twitter card with the app, but on the other hand it doesn’t realize I have the app installed and doesn’t deep-link.

Asaf Atzmon,
Co-Founder and CTO


Hi Asaf,

It looks like the deeplink that you have in your page is incorrect.

In your page’s tags, you indicate that “sp://” is the URL scheme used to open Serendip:

However, in the latest version of your app, you’re registering your app for the scheme srndp.

I tested both “sp://” and “srndp://” on my device and the latter version works properly.



Nice fix - and, even better, I’m now listening to The Smiths’ “Hand In Glove.” Talk about a win-win.