Issues with Fabric Mac App and TwitterKit


Im having several issues with Fabric and TwitterKit, first off I am unable to add a new application to my Fabric account. I am also unable to finish the install of TwitterKit within any application. Once i have installed the TwitterKit SDK on the following step, initialise the SDK screen i am told “Whoops, something went wrong here! Please contact


I think Deema already helped get you up and running, but if not, please let me know.


Yeah Deema helped me resolve the issue, now I’m having an unrelated problem. I want to view a list timeline within my application that is accessible by a button press. I want this for 20 different timeline views behind 20 separate buttons. In a test app I’ve been able to view these list’s perfectly fine however In my actual app all i see is a blank table view. Do you have any idea what i may have done wrong?




Hi @InTheKnow_App! Great to hear from you again. Do you have entries in your info.plist for TwitterKit for this actual app?