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I’ve been running a series of Twitter ads for a few months now that have been attracting strong conversions on a daily basis. A few weeks ago conversions came to a sudden halt. As there had not been any changes to our strategy I found this to be quite odd - although it wouldn’t be unusual to have a short dip or a gradual decline as the campaign matures, conversions came to a sudden stop.

My first thought was a tracking issue. From looking at the source code on the page, it appears to still be there, though I know there have been some edits to the page in the last few weeks.

Does anyone know what kinds of changes to a page could knock off tracking?
Also, is it vital for the Twitter pixel to be at the very bottom of the page (just before )? It is currently nearer the top, with a lot of other tracking codes (Facebook etc).

Any other advice on why conversions have suddenly dropped off would be really appreciated too.


While occasionally conversion tracking has issues considered to be ‘lag’, in almost all cases the data is backfilled later and you will start to see conversions appear.

The more likely reason is that conversions have a set attribution window, and after 14 or 30 days the conversions were no longer being counted as because of that advertising campaign. If the campaign is ongoing, this would not be the reason. Feel free to report issues with things that are impacting advertiser performance and spend on support link, this forum is meant mostly to be a place to ask questions about the Ads API and technical behavior of it.



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