Issues with cards showing for Bitly links


I’ve been using cards for my site for a couple years now, including the last year in which I’ve used the premium WP plugin NGFB+ to supply the necessary code. I recently started using the service CoSchedule to schedule all my social media posts. CS offers Bitly integration to shorten links, which is great since CS adds a rather lengthy slug to full-length urls for tracking purposes.

Problem: The Twitter cards do not work for shortened links of posts published while the Bitly integration is active. No summary/preview.

However, When I subsequently turn off the Bitly integration and tweet the same post with full-length URL, Twitter cards begin working immediately, including for the previous tweets with the Bitly link that didn’t display cards before. Furthermore, if I reactivate the Bitly integration and tweet the same (shortened) link via CS, the cards work fine. I essentially have to power cycle the Bitly integration to get the cards to work with my Bitly links.

I’ve been told this may be a caching issue with Twitter. I have no clue.

Thoughts? Advice?


Any progress on this? We have the same issue: validator always shows that card could be created for link, but eventually in the tweet we sometimes have the card, sometimes we don’t. The link is