Issues adding any twitter widgets to wordpress


I’m trying to add two widges, a simple “Tweet” button for my users to tweet the page URL and the “Tweets by” widget. Neither are working on my wordpress site. The tweet button just shows the word Tweet and when you click it, it goes to the page to view the tweet, but only the URL is there, no title or anything else.

Basically, it seems that neither widget has any kind of formatting. The Tweets By widget just shows a scrolling frame with all the words in it. It’s kinda hard to read.

Any insight into this?


Widget display includes two parts: a link placed on the page and JavaScript loaded from Twitter’s servers to enhance the link into the full widget or button. It seems like your WordPress installation is stripping the JavaScript you may have copy and pasted from a HTML generator and not showing the Tweet button.

Using the official Twitter plugin for WordPress with the [twitter_share] shortcode.


No luck. I’ve used several different plugins, including the official Twitter plugin, and still not working. The link appears like a button, but it doesn’t show the Twitter icon. The padding is there for it, but no icon.


Also, in the widget to retrieve tweets with a certain hashtag, it displays everything but the avatars.

Also, clicking on any of the buttons opens the tweet window in the same tab instead of opening it in a new window. It works correctly for buttons on and all other twitter pages, but not on my site.


Could you please provide a sample URL displaying the unwanted behavior? There may be a JavaScript conflict or other issues.



You are using the Fetch Tweets WordPress plugin to display timelines based on a Twitter API response. Not the official Twitter timeline product rendered with JavaScript. Issues with the plugin should be directed to the Fetch Tweets plugin’s support forum. Once you know JavaScript loading works on your page you can paste the timeline HTML generated on into a text/HTML widget to properly display Tweets on your site.

The Tweet button displays as expected for me in the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Try disabling browser plugins which may disable loading Twitter’s JavaScript (ad blockers, etc.) if you are unable to see the rendered Tweet button between the featured image and the beginning of your post content.


Wow, I completely forgot about those damn extensions. Everything is working and I’ve replaced Fetch Tweets with a Twitter widget. Thanks, man!