Issue: wrong indices offsets in entities.urls for specific retweet




We’ve found some interesting issue with the following tweet:

When this tweet is being re-teweeted and this retweet is fetched via the API, you will receive the following:

text: “RT @DasErste: “Deutschland verneigt sich – Danke, #HelmutSchmidt” – der @Tagesthemen-Kommentar von @NDR-Chefredakteur @ACichowicz: https://…”

But the offset for this URL has indices to 139 and 140 into the tweet

[urls] => Array
     [0] => stdClass Object
       [url] =>
       [expanded_url] =>
       [display_url] =>…
       [indices] => Array
         [0] => 139
         [1] => 140



The id of an example retweet is 664350487106486272 .

When substituting, this will lead to the errornous URL " … https://http://media…"


When you get a retweet 664350487106486272 for example, the text field is sometimes truncated. Use the retweeted_status object instead, that will have the full text, for which urls array is correct.