Issue with the embedded timeline on iPhone and iPads with ios7?


Hi, I have my timeline embedded on my website. On a desktop the widget works fine however on apple mobile devices it is not working and worse it is causing issues with the rest of the page displaying (the whole area is now blank).

Is there a new widget that needs to be used to be ios7 compatible?



Can you share a link to a page that exhibits the problem? iOS7 is supported by the widget, and works well with all the sites we’ve tested so far.



Hello again,

I’ve now seen another report of a similar issue which correlates with a bug we’re aware of: If your site is using

s for layout, iOS appears to have a rendering bug when we inject the rendered version of a timeline into the table.

At this point, the number of sites using table tags for layout is so small (and the problems around the method so well documented) that it’s not something we’ve prioritised fixing. We would like to get to it at some point since there are reasonable use cases for tabulating lists of embedded Tweets (which use the same underlying code), but it’s not going to be soon.

For the time being, I’m afraid we don’t support rendering widgets inside of


If you’re seeing problems on a page and the timeline isn’t contained in a table, please follow-up and we’ll see if there’s a different issue.



Hello, I also have this problem with tables and your Twitter widget on my site.

Is there any possibility you are going to look at this issue soon?

Thank you.

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